Janet Carter is a writer, editor, and educator currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With founder Robert Horton, she co-directs The UNtraining, a program for untraining white liberal racism. She was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont and graduated from Antioch College in 1971.

“Good Little White Girl” is based on her book in progress, investigating the ways she learned to be white, growing up in a white liberal family in the Vermont of the 1950s and 1960s.  Janet also leads “Write On: Exploring Whiteness” workshops for people interested in using “writing in the moment” as a way to learn and share more about white racial conditioning and personal history. She was a contributor to Let’s Get Real: What people of color can’t say & whites won’t ask about racism, by Lee Mun Wah, published in 2011.

Comments Policy
One purpose of this blog is to create space for personal discussion and comments on this emotional and potentially volatile topic of racial conditioning. For many, this may be a new experience. The spirit behind this blog is one of openness, curiosity and exploration.  Therefore:

  • I will moderate comments closely.
  • I will not tolerate racist or any other hate speech.
  • I actively welcome comments from people of all races, ethnicities and identities.
  • If you have concerns about a particular commenter or discussion thread, please contact me privately.

3 Responses to About

  1. june gillam says:

    Hi! None of the dissertation is online at present (except the overprices version on Amazon published by Lapham Academic Publishing in ’09) but want to move some online and more easily accessible in the future. If you email me at jgillam@deltacollege.edu and send me an email address for you, I’ll attach the nine pages relevant to untraining white racism. I would like to expand that into a short essay or memoir or even put the core story into a frame story updated to the present time.

  2. june gillam says:

    Hi Janet! So happy I’ve found your blog. The good girl theme plays a role in my Creating Juicy Tales dissertation story, too *:) I took the untraining back in the late 90’s and had Robert come to Delta College later.. Shout out to you both! June Gillam

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