Taking a Break – Comments Continue!

Hello readers,

I have decided to take an official break (as opposed to just a long gap!) from new posts on the blog, so I can finish the Good Little White Girl book by July. The last 3-4 chapters have been sitting in the back of my mind for too long!

Meanwhile, I hope new readers continue to check out what’s here and sign up to follow. Participants in the UNtraining and others have shared personal and powerful reflections here. Thank you! Please continue to add your stories and I will continue to reply.  The following posts have particularly rich comments:

Speaking of Whiteness

The Family of Man

Two Little Kids in the Land of the Free

We’re “Good White People” — Aren’t We?

Thank you all for your support!



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4 Responses to Taking a Break – Comments Continue!

  1. robert says:

    go book go!!!!!
    love robert

  2. Carol Barre says:

    Hey Janet,

    Keep on keepin’ on. Love and Hugs.


  3. Rae Mary says:

    So glad you are going to finish the book! Write on! XO

  4. Geraldine Messina Smith says:

    Good for you taking that break to finish your book by summer! I know how important it is to ‘clear the decks’ while you are writing especially when you have a deadline to finish! Wonderful!! Good luck and good writing! Jerry

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